We've answered some of the most common questions about the consultation for Hereford House and Exeter Court.

What is happening to Hereford House and Exeter Court?

The redevelopment of the Hereford House and Exeter Court site is part of the South Kilburn regeneration programme. It continues the transformation of South Kilburn by providing new high quality homes, both affordable and private, and a new high quality local park for the existing and future community

When will we see proposals for Hereford House and Exeter Court?

We are consulting with local residents over the next few months. At our various consultation events the public will be able to view the proposals and leave their feedback. 

How can we leave feedback? 

We are holding various events for residents to meet the team, find out more about the proposals and leave feedback. We also have an e-mail address herefordandexeter@yourshout.org and a freephone number 0800 955 1042 for residents to get in touch and leave comments. 

Has a planning application been submitted? 

No, before an application is submitted we want to hear the views of local people. 

Why are the buildings being regenerated? 

The existing buildings are of poor design and construction creating poor housing conditions for residents. 

Will there just be new homes on this site?

High quality new homes and a new local park are currently proposed for the site. 

How many homes does the council want to build?

The South Kilburn Regeneration Programme is being delivered in phases which will create a total of 2,400 homes, half of which will be affordable homes for local people.