Residents’ Ballot Information Events

Don’t forget to attend one of the information events to find out about proposals and how you will be affected.

We hope to see you there!


We wanted to give you all a brief update from the project team. The architects (Dan, Anna and Paul) are nearly finished with the technical information needed for the planning application. There are some key decisions the Council are currently in the process of making so planning submission for Hereford House and Exeter Court is temporarily on hold. It is likely the application will be submitted in the summer. You will be notified via mail, email if you signed up to the mailing list and an update will be posted on this website too.

Meanwhile, we’ve been busy hosting another round of local Brent students for a week-long work experience placement at the studio. They were given a mini-brief to design a pavilion for the proposed park on Cambridge Road, we went on a site visit, they got to try VR, they made impressive models and presented their work in front of a panel of staff – similar to what they will do if they go to architecture school. 



We have a CV/portfolio workshop aimed at sixth form/college students looking to study design related subjects at university. This will be held on the 21st May at the Karakusevic Carson Architects offices. If you are interested in attending please contact Leonie at the Stephen Lawrence Trust ( to RSVP.

Anna and Paul both ran the London Marathon this weekend in support of the Stephen Lawrence Trust – well done to them!



We also thought we would mention that Brent Council are running a consultation on community engagement. Pop over to the Council website to let them know how you would like the Council to engage with its local residents!


Project update 

Hello everyone,

Here is a brief update on where we are at with the project. The architects have been busy working on technical drawings and preparing to submit the planning application. It takes quite a bit of time to produce all of the information that needs to go in. In addition, there are surveys and assessments that need to be conducted by consultants on topics such as financial viability, environmental sustainability and daylight/sunlight studies. Most of these are completed now and look good!

You can see some updated computer generated images of the scheme below:

KCA_Courtyard_View01_Final_190211.jpg   KCA_Granville_Road_View_Final_190211.jpg  KCA_Park_View_Final_190211.jpg

We are aiming to submit the planning application mid-spring. You will be notified via mail when this happens. The website will also be updated and if you’ve signed up for emails you will receive one of those too.

Meanwhile, we are hosting work experience students from Brent this week and next. Today, we went on a tour of South Kilburn and surrounding area, and on Friday the students will be presenting the designs they have been working on throughout the week.

IMG_3385.JPG  IMG_3386.JPG

If you know of someone thinking about a career in architecture, design or engineering please feel free to get in touch with the Stephen Lawrence Trust - we still have a few more placements available. Students need to be in sixth form or at college and either live or study in Brent.

Kind Regards,

Emma, Madeleine, Dan and the design team


Final consultation event for Hereford House & Exeter court

Wednesday 21st November and Saturday 24th November we held the final consultation events for Hereford House & Exeter Court. The architects who designed the scheme, the project manager from Brent Council and Peter from Communities First were present for residents to ask any questions they may have.

We talked to about 50 people over the two days and received 4 comments from residents regarding the plans; 2 related to the amount of parking, 1 mentioned the need for thoughtful lighting within the courtyard and the last one was a positive general comment about the scheme.

If you were unable to attend you can download the boards using the links below. If you have any comments or queries please get in touch on the Contact page.

If you have signed up to receive email notifications about the scheme we will send you a message when the application has been submitted and you can comment formally on Brent’s planning portal. We will also post it on the website.

Thank you all for taking the time to be part of the design process. We hope you like the proposals!

Boards 1-3

Boards 4-6

Boards 7-9


IMG_2041.jpg IMG_2044.jpg


Our second drop in event 

On Wednesday 19th September we held our second public drop-in event for the Hereford House & Exeter Court site. We presented our proposals for the site which include new homes and a public park that will contribute positively to the
character of the South Kilburn area. We asked the local community what they thought of the plans so far. 

If you didn’t make it to the drop-in you can find the boards we presented using link below. 

We hope to see you at the next event coming up soon!

Please click here to view the boards on display. 


  371_180919_1.jpg     IMG_20180919_151527.jpg


Come along to our Public Exhibition



Communities First 

In case you didn’t know!

Communities First are independent advisors that work with the Council and South Kilburn community to provide free independent advice on the regeneration proposals to tenants and leaseholders. They provide confidential independent advice if you need any support or information on your rehousing options or rights relating to regeneration or compensation issues.

Please feel free to email Louis and Peter at or call 0300 365 7150 if you have any questions.


Bus Trip with the Resident Design Group 

On the 7th July the design team organised a bus trip for the Resident Design Group as part of our third meeting. We met at Woodhouse Urban Park and travelled to Chalcot Square Gardens in Camden to see examples of pedestrian-priority shared space, defensible front gardens and a semi-public courtyard. Our second destination was to King’s Crescent Estate in Hackney which is similar in scale to the Hereford House and Exeter Court project. The residents experienced the mix of buildings between 6 stories up to 12 stories. From Hackney the bus took us to Scott Ellis Gardens in Westminster where you can find traditional mansion blocks with undulating windows and a less ‘flat’ facade. Our final stop was Silchester Estate in Kensington, another new, mixed-use development with differing heights and cut outs to create character and let light through into the courtyards.

The residents found the trip a useful experience and in our next Resident Design Group meeting we will have a bus trip debrief and talk about internal layouts.

The next public consultation is coming up in September and you will receive at least 2 weeks notice beforehand.

We look forward to seeing you then but if you have any inquiries in the meantime please use the contact form available on the here or contact Emma Sweeney ( and someone from the team will respond as quickly as possible.


3C7A6282.jpg   3C7A6075.jpg


Park Workshop 

Sunday 20th May we joined the celebrations of  the opening of the Granville Centre by presenting our early thinking about the new urban park and streets around the site. We asked you what you thought about creating greener, more pedestrian-friendly streets and what activities you thought should be available in the park.

You can see the boards we presented here and if you would like to give us some feedback please head to the ‘Have Your Say’ page to answer a short questionnaire!

Thank you to all who came and engaged with us. Your feedback is very valuable to us!

In the coming weeks we will be working closely with the Resident Design Group made up of residents of Austin House. We will be presenting the feedback we have gotten from the public, look at the landscape design for the new park and we will do a bus tour to a few schemes nearby. The next public event in scheduled for July so keep an eye out on the website or in the post for details!

IMG_7512.JPG    IMG_7518.JPG


Our first drop in event 

Last week we held the first public drop-in event for the Hereford House & Exeter Court site. A few people braved the weather to pop in to the Carlton Centre. We asked people what they would like to see on the ground floor of the new development, what features they would like in the new urban park and what kind of architectural details they like.

If you didn’t make it to the drop-in you can find the boards we presented using link below and the questions we asked on the ‘Have Your Say’ page. Please do have a look and fill out the survey. We would love to hear what you think.

We hope to see you at the next event coming up soon!

Please click here to view the boards on display. 

DSCN3322.JPG     DSCN3323.JPG 



Drop in and meet the team